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It's safe to say that after the complete disaster from start to finish that was this summer's After Earth, the last five people holding their breath that was a superb director slowly exhaled in disgust.

But according to Shyamalan, he's not a bad director, no. It's just that American film critics don't understand his "European sensibilities" and just don't get him, everyone. In an old interview (it first circulated a few years ago courtesy of Showbiz 411) that has been making its rounds on the internet again, the director explained why, exactly, The Last Airbender was NOT, in fact, right to be hated as roundly as it was.


It's one thing not to trash your movie when you're on the promotional tour. That's understandable. It's quite another to throw shade critics' way and then claim that everyone else in the world loves you while America doesn't.

This is an echo - or precursor, really - to the blame game played this summer by everyone involved with The Lone Ranger. It's interesting that they'll lash out at the critics, but never say anything about American audiences, who are paying money for their films.

Yikes. Let's not hold our breath for The Last Airbender 2.

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