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While You're Next was not a huge success at the box office, it has gained quite a cult following since its 2013 theatrical release. There are collectables, vinyl records, masks, and even fan tattoos of the now infamous animal killers. While doing press for his newest film, Blair Witch, the You're Next writer, Simon Barrett, sat down with the folks over at The B-Movie Podcast and gave a detailed outline for the You're Next sequel that could have been. According to Barrett, You're Next 2 would have picked up right where the first film left off.

“The idea is that due to her jarring Australian accident, [Erin] has been railroaded for the crimes against the Davison family. But it’s somewhat true, if you look at the way we ended that movie, not the least of which is her getting shot by a cop, everyone’s dead except for her and it’s this rich family and she’s this poor student. It looks bad for her. We end, the credits imply that she’s the main suspect, the end credits sequence, and that was to set up the sequel.”

Apparently, Erin would have gone down for all the crimes that took place in part 1.

...[Erin] is on her way to prison and she’s like shackled to a group of other women in this prison van that gets attacked.”

Of course it wouldn't be a You're Next film without an animal masked killer. Barrett figured out a clever way to bring one of them back:

“The idea is that the lamb mask guy who got stabbed in his cerebral cortex – not his cerebral cortex, the opposite of that, his frontal lobe – the idea is that he’s still around but he just can’t feel pain anymore... So he’s got together some more of his crew in animal masks and they attack the van. So it’s about her, she’s shackled to these other women, making their way through the woods, and they take refuge in a meth lab which has all these booby traps, all these meth booby traps that have been created for the FBI, the inevitable FBI raid. It was going to be set in a meth lab with them using the meth tools to fight back against all these different factions, and it was going to be much more of an action movie.”

This sounds like an awesome continuation of the You're Next saga, with a touch of Breaking Bad thrown into the mix. Erin is also one of my favorite final girls in recent horror movie history. I would have loved to have seen more of her. Unfortunately, Barrett added that the probability of the sequel actually happening is slim.

“If anyone is wondering why this film didn’t get made I’ve probably answered that question like five times over... But if they also are wondering they can look at Box Office Mojo."

He did note, however, the possibility of it happening in the form of another medium, like a graphic novel. I'm SO down!

The film only grossed $18 million at the box office, but I am sure the home video numbers are very strong. Perhaps within the next decade the film will find such a large following that a sequel will be permitted.

Revisit the horror from the first film in the trailer below:

What are your thoughts on the what-could-have-been You're Next 2?


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