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FXX's You're the Worst has been one of the most intelligently written and outright hilarious shows on television, even while taking on serious topics such as clinical depression and PTSD. After four wildly acclaimed seasons, the series has been renewed for a fifth, Variety reports — but it'll be the last. And, speaking as a fan, that's actually the right call.

The fourth season picks up shortly after the third season finale, in which Jimmy proposed to Gretchen but then left her stranded. After living in a motor home park without his phone for three months, Jimmy returned to L.A., and things had changed. Gretchen moved in with Lindsay; Lindsay and Edgar became friends with benefits; and Gretchen is dating around, devastated by Jimmy's actions.

As the season progressed, Jimmy quickly settled back into his old life while the rest of his gang struggled with reconnecting to him. The latter half of the season finally showed progress for Jimmy and Gretchen's reconciliation. This season has shown a return to the outright hilarity of its earlier seasons, but has also shown a stronger sense of maturity in how it's handled characters' lives moving forward both professionally and personally (Edgar finally found success in his TV screenwriting while Lindsay has become a hit at her fashion job).

'You're the Worst' [Credit: FXX]
'You're the Worst' [Credit: FXX]

With these major changes and progressions occurring in the characters' lives, the decision to end the series with its fifth season is the smartest possible, as it feels like the perfect time to wrap up everyone's story. Jimmy has finally come to realize the mistakes he's made with Gretchen and has worked on them; Gretchen has come to accept her own commitment issues and has grown to forgive Jimmy for his poor decision; Lindsay is finally getting the hang of life as a single woman; and Edgar is getting control over his PTSD and coming out on top in his screenwriting.

The fifth season would be perfect to finally show Jimmy and Gretchen work through their issues and go on to live happily together, while still criticizing any poor soul who walks into their paths. And we can finally see whether Lindsay and Edgar wind up together or just stay friends.

Should Gretchen and Jimmy stay together or split for good? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: Variety]


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