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You know the feeling. It's time to go to bed, but you've had a long day. A lot is on your mind, and who the hell wants to sleep when there's a limitless supply of distractions on the internet? Cat videos, ghost videos, ghost cat name it, it's out there.

And once you start watching, hours can pass before you realize, well, hours have passed.

If it's late wherever you are, right now, hopefully you're asleep. But chances are, if you're reading this, you're kind of awake, and possibly searching for some good videos to watch.

Well, search no more! Here are 10 of the best horror shorts YouTube has to offer. And seeing how you also might be reading this on your phone, they're all centered around cell phones, too. Or at least slightly involve them.

You're welcome.

10. He's Right Behind You

Let's kick things off with a short featuring a blonde alone in her house and her iPhone with low battery power. I know what you're thinking; don't all horror shorts feature that? No, no they don't. Sometimes it's a Samsung with a low battery.

9. Bedfellows

This is always been one of my personal faves. Not just because of the originality but THAT FACE. He just looks so damned happy.

8. Selfie From Hell

Selfie is one of those shorts that took off like crazy, and really racked up the views. Selfie was made in hopes of squashing the selfie fad, or at least I hope that's why it was made. But alas, selfies live on. .

7. Cam Closer

Starring the same gal from the original Lights Out short, Lotta Losten, Cam Closer will make you question everything about your cell phone...and apples. Seriously, though, any horror short with Losten in it is sure to please, and there are quite a few out there.

6. I Heard It Too

Cute kid? Check. Cute accent? Check. Messing with us by putting the cute kid with a cute accent in danger? Damn you, and check. This one has a guest appearance from a cell phone, not working at the most inopportune time.

5. Occupied

This one taps into everybody's worst fear. Rejection? No. Creepy crawlies? Oh, no. Dying on the shitter. It's dying on the shitter, Elvis-style. Or, if you're like me, it's a late night at work, sitting in there and playing on your phone so long, that—you know where this is going—the automatic lights go off.

4. 3 Seconds

Because sometimes, horror stories end with a rainbow and a song.

3. Horror Phone

Four months old, with only 5 views...but the good news is, it has one like! I almost gave up on this one, but the ending made me laugh at the video, and my stupid ass for jumping.

2. Lost Phone

Not going to lie...this is a whole lot of build-up, and one big ass WTF WAS THAT. I have no idea what this one was about, or why the doofball didn't turn on his lights when he got home, but nonetheless....enjoy!

1. Amy

This one's a little long, clocking in at 14:24, but if you can make it all the way through, hopefully one lesson you'll take away from it is to never let your cell phone distract you while you're driving.

Here's some more horror to help you cure that pesky nighttime sleeping problem:

Sweet dreams!


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