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Horror is a timeless genre. It started as telling scary tales around the fire in ancient times to the media age we live in today. Horror sees great success across many types of media — from video games, comics, novels, films and lately horror shows have completely taken over cable and network television. Now, one show by the name of Creep Factor wants to completely take over the world of YouTube and spread horror across the web.

The show collects a variety of stories from multiple horror sub-genres and does narrations complete with creepy music and even sound effects to heighten the chills.

The format of the show consists of three main categories: Folklore/Urban Lends, Creepypastas and True Stories. I have been given sample videos of each category to share with you now.

1. Folklore And Urban Legends

From ancient folklore to modern day urban legends, everything is possible to be covered in this part of the series and the stories are collected from across the globe and span many different cultures.

2. Creepypasta

Creepypasta is a term for internet horror fiction that is actually a pretty clever pun of a pun. These stories are extremely popular online and many are familiar with the most famous of these such as Slenderman, The Rake and Ben Drowned.

3. True Scary Stories

This part of the show covers true encounters people have shared and covers everything from encounters with creepy people, monsters, ghosts, or anything you can think of.

One cool thing about the series is they take requests for subjects people would like to see stories about and even take submissions from subscribers to feature their true scary stories or original Creepypastas.

There are other similar horror channels on YouTube, but Creep Factor aims to be the biggest and have the most content. They currently upload videos daily.

If your a horror fan or just a fan of scary stories this is a series you will really enjoy.

If you want to check them out you can do it by clicking RIGHT HERE

Be sure to have all the comforting things you need so you don't get nightmares. We all know this feeling:

In the comments below let us know what you think of Youtube as a viewing platform and what kind of content you would like to see more of on the site.


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