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With so much popularity around superheroes, it's only natural for some people to try to make their fictional worlds a reality by building their signature weapons in real life. We already have a super-strength-granting exoskeleton and an impressive Captain America shield (complete with magnets). Now, it's time for to get the spotlight.

Fans Built A Real-Life Grappling Gun

The people over at the Hacksmith YouTube channel built a grappling gun that, after a few tries and different versions, actually works (and quite well, might I add):

This was actually a project that took months to complete. The first video involving the mechanism was uploaded back in February. Considering how Batman's tech has always been a bit, well, out-there, you might be asking yourself how on earth they got it to function.

How Does The Grappling Gun Work?

Let's get into the technical side of things. To power the device, the creators used two Turnigy G160 brushless motors. Each packs a punch of 2.5 kilowatts, taking the grappling's gun power close to 8 horsepower. To give you an idea of how much that is, an 8 horsepower gasoline engine is used for small boats. The G160 motors are in turn driven by two marine-grade (read: waterproof) ESCs that support forward and reverse directions, in order for the person holding the grappling gun to be able to ascend and descend.

The mechanism itself consists of two sets of worm gears with spur gears attached to them. The usefulness of the worm gear comes with its ability to be back-driven, meaning, if the battery dies, the rope won't slip (as the gears can't turn). Basically, it's a very useful friction lock.

[Credit: the Hacksmith]
[Credit: the Hacksmith]

Finally, to control the rope going up and down, a small lever taken from a servo tester was used. Unfortunately, the Hacksmith team ran into a bit of a problem as the grappling gun's steel shaft broke. But worry not, the project isn't finished and there will be a new version of the device in the near future.

Granted, it's not as small or as quick to get its user out of trouble like Batman's actual grappling gun, but it's still pretty awesome, and it will probably resemble Batman's signature getaway tool in the future.

Remember, Batman uses one in 's trilogy and in , and the director has said many times in the past that everything the Caped Crusader has or does in the films is rooted in realism in some way. With that in mind, I can't wait to see the Hacksmith's design evolve and get even more awesome.

Would you like to own your own grappling gun? What's your favorite fan-invention inspired by superheroes? Let me know in the comments!


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