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Tino Jochimsen

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero belongs to the lucky group of films that can count a "yuck" from an audience member as a hearty sign of approval.

The prequel to Eli Roth’s gross-out hit Cabin Fever centers on a group of beautiful young guys and gals who make the fateful mistake of seeking sex, sex and, yes, sex on a virgin island only to find themselves infected by deadly virus. They end up considerably less beautiful and, presumably, mostly dead.

Kaare Andrews (ABCs of Death) took over directing reins from Eli Roth for this one, with the Hostel director being suspiciously absent from the project. One would think a producer credit would be a nice little sign of approval from the big man. The lack thereof doesn't exactly make the prequel more promising.

What do you think?

Watch the trailer for Cabin Fever: Patient Zero below:




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