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Around the time 's face started doing what I like to call the "DiCaprio Spread" (i.e. strangely bloated face while still having a good body), I started wondering to myself if he might not have a wee bit of a coke problem.

Ya know. The whole "coke bloat" thing.

(See: Lindsay Lohan)

As it turns out, he did have a serious problem - but it wasn't alcohol, as everyone thought, it was indeed, a "massive" coke problem, as multiple sources told TMZ. Not only that, he was also starting to mix it up with molly, and it was becoming just as big an addiction.

The problem apparently spiraled out of control earlier this year during the filming of 's Neighbors comedy, which was filmed in April. Efron was often a no-show during filming, as a source connected with the film revealed, "it was common knowledge he was struggling with cocaine." How very LiLo of him.

TMZ also revealed that the problem was bigger than anyone realized, and his people had to go to massive lengths to keep it quiet: Earlier this year, Efron and a few friends allegedly went on a coke rager at the MGM Grand in Vegas and caused almost $50,000 in damages.

Efron's rep is keeping mum, too, and doesn't appear to want to speak on the issue. When contacted by TMZ, she simply replied, "Don't think we'll be making a comment."

Yikes. Let's hope his act is well and truly cleaned up. With such a promising career ahead of him, it would be a shame if it were a short one. Or worse - with this summer's tragic and untimely death of due to a drug overdose, we can only hope Efron never touches the stuff again.


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