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It's no secret that Zac Efron loves working out. His physicality is on full display in most of his movies, and the latest example for it can be found in Baywatch, which is currently in theaters. Overall, the actor keeps himself in top shape, and he's just given fans yet another taste of his impressive athletic ability.

The actor recently made an appearance on The Graham Norton Show alongside Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis, who were there to promote The Mummy. During the interview, Norton brought up an old photoshoot did, in which he performed a move known as "the flag." For those of you who don't know, that's when someone hangs horizontally from a pole, looking like, well, a human flag.

Efron was asked whether or not the picture was real. He stated there were no wires or CGI magic: That picture was all him. Naturally, the incredulous Norton asked him to prove it on a pole they had installed in the back of the room. Check it out for yourself:

Well, that's certainly impressive. Keep in mind, that move may look incredibly easy courtesy of Efron's physical prowess, but it's one of the hardest positions to achieve, even for workout pros. Of course, the fact that he's able to do it shouldn't come as a surprise to people who are aware of his lifestyle, because his training regimen is hardcore.

Zac Efron Has Some Insanely Intense Workout Routines

As you might have guessed from his physique, Efron's training routine isn't comprised of any old morning jogs or regular weight exercises. No, Efron goes all out while working out, and we know that because he loves sharing his fitness journey through social media.

Last year, he took to Instagram to share a late-night workout routine right after a day of shooting. Working out after your body is already tired from previous activities can make the experience even more brutal, so you can imagine the dedication:

There was also the time when he completed an American Ninja Warrior course while filming simply to compete with another fitness-obsessed celebrity, costar Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

After seeing these pictures, it's no surprise Efron was able pull off such an impressive move on the pole.

What do you think about Zac Efron's physical prowess? Can you do the flag? Let me know in the comments!


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