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Things are looking up for Zac Efron after a rough few months. The former High School Musical and current Parkland star was spotted enjoying an LA Lakers game on December 20th and he was proudly displaying a blue six months sober chip on a pendant around his neck.

I am overjoyed that The Neighbors star is looking in such great spirits again especially after the awful accident he had in his own home that resulted in him having to have his jaw wired shut.

The High School Musical star was all smiles as he sat courtside with his chums but the most positive emblem is definitely the alcoholics anonymous chip that the star was sporting.

Zac Efron proudly sporting his sobriety chip admitted he had checked into rehab for his addictions months ago so it refreshing to see he has managed to stay on the wagon unlike many of his contemporaries.

His new-old girlfriend appears to be helping the star stay on the straight and narrow with her steadfast support. An insider source has said;

Lily is the perfect girl for Zac to be dating right now. She’s young, gorgeous and smart — but more than anything, she doesn’t drink or use drugs. Zac knows if he wants to save his career and his life, he needs to stay sober and it’s making his transition a lot easier to be dating someone like Lily.

While I am happy Zac Efron has found love with his on-again, off-again girl, what I really want to know is...does this mean we'll be seeing him shirtless again some time soon? Because that would be great.

(Source: Hollywood Life)

Image: The Daily Mail via Gamepiks


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