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Some choose to paint or draw their favourite celebrity, some will follow them across the world and some even have tattoos of their favourite film and television stars. The dedication truly is admirable. Another thing celebrities can find is that their face inevitably makes its way onto products they have not exactly signed permission for. Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke once found his face plastered all over a book about male sexual and marital problems and professional athlete Antonio Cesaro saw his image used for a high class escorting service. In this spirit, Scrubs star Braff has recently discovered that he has become the face of erectile dysfunction in Russia, not that he was aware of such an achievement.

Apparently, the former television doctor can now cure your erectile dysfunction issues in the trouser department. The connection kinds of makes sense when you take into account the image being used is not Braff per se, but J.D., the doctor he plays on Scrubs.

This is not the only time Braff's mugshot has been featured in some Russian advertising. A photo of Braff has been previously used to advertise computer repairs as well. I mean, you might not exactly complain if Zach Braff was there to fix either of those issues but really, he would probably make the experience a lot more amusing than anyone else could.

Why Russia have chosen Braff to the face of both computer repairs and erectile dysfunction is unknown. But goodness knows it's heartily amusing just soaking it all in.

Hopefully Braff won't find himself on many more dysfunctional related advertisements across Russia!

[Source: The Independent]


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