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Mark Newton

For better or worse The Hangover Trilogy is finally coming to an end on May 24th. We can only assume that after their newest adventure in the franchise, the Wolfpack will take a well earned break and visit a spa or something. However, has suggested the series could live on in another sequel as a Mr. Chow spin-off.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Galafianakis stated:

The 'Hangover' movies... have to be in the context of the three of us, I think, and Doug as well. If there was a spinoff -- I don't think I envision a spinoff -- but if there was one, I think one with [Mr. Chow, Ken Jeong's demented Chinese gangster character] would work.

Although in limited amounts 's Mr. Chow was kind of funny, especially in his interaction with Alan, I can't really imagine him being able to carry his own movie. That voice does get a bit grating after a while. Furthermore, Galifianakis is well known as one of Hollywood's premiere interview trolls, so perhaps even he knows a Chow sequel is not a great idea?

What do you think? Would you be prepared to see a Mr. Chow Hangover spinoff? Let me know below.


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