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These days, it's commonplace for directors to hide little hints to pop culture within their movies. These Easter Eggs are an unspoken challenge for fans, and a nod to works both past and present. Some are so well-hidden, it takes months for anyone to stumble upon them. It's been five months since Batman v Superman flew into theaters, but one eagle-eyed fan has only just noticed what countless others have not.

The Most Obscure Easter Egg Yet?

There have already been tons of Easter Eggs discovered within the movie: nods to Darkseid, the Justice League, Perry White’s “It’s not 1938 anymore!” (the year Superman was first published) and so on, but one Batman uber-fan stumbled upon something even more obscure — something only a true fan would ever find:

The image shows a shattered pane of glass, which looks suspiciously like the Canadian province of Ontario. Joe Shuster — who is best known for co-creating Superman alongside writer Jerry Seigel in Action Comics #1 — was born in Toronto, the capital of Ontario. Is this reaching? It turns out: no, it's not!

Set still photographer Clay Enos shared the tweet with BvS director Zack Snyder, who simply stated "finally, someone noticed":

Even though BvS did not fare well with critics, this discovery demonstrates the level of care and attention Snyder took when making the movie. He poured his heart and soul into the details, and this little nod to Superman's past is a subtle but meaningful salute to the man of steel's legacy.

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Hidden Easter Eggs

Obviously this BvS Easter Egg isn't alone in its obscurity; it seems that modern superhero movies (and games) try to 'out-egg' each other by keeping their secrets the most well-hidden. Here are a few which have been dug up!

1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1

Earlier this year, James Gunn revealed another Easter Egg during a Facebook Q&A session after one user commented that Groot could be his own cross:


Which looks something like this:

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios

Since then, Gunn has repeatedly told fans that there is one Easter Egg that has yet to be discovered... but this isn't it.

2. Suicide Squad

Even though Suicide Squad has been in theaters less than a month, there have already been a treasure trove of DC treats discovered within. In the much-publicised scene when Harley breaks into a department store — with the now infamous like "we're bad guys, it's what we do!" — we see some Latin writing on the clothes in the window display, with a secret hidden message.

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

If your Latin's a little rusty, it says "si vis pacem para bellum," which means "if you want peace, prepare for war" — which is basically Amanda Waller's mantra.

3. Fallout 4


It's not only Marvel and DC that have their Easter Egg game down. Bethesda outshone them all in terms of volume with Fallout 4. There are references to everything from Blade Runner to H.P. Lovecraft — but one player stumbled across one of the most well hidden. Amongst the junk found in the Commonwealth is a Flux Sensor with some seemingly random numbers (CM-88B 180924609) on it. The Easter Egg is a direct reference to Alien: 180924609 being the registration number for the USCSS Nostromo — a CM-88B Bison Starfighter spacecraft from the 1979 movie.

'Alien' - 20th Century Fox
'Alien' - 20th Century Fox

Easter Eggs add a whole new layer of discovery into the movies, games and TV we love. The more obscure and fan-centric the better — but if an Easter Egg is hidden in a movie and never found, does it exist at all (James Gunn)?

Have you even come across an obscure Easter Egg? Share it with us in the comments!

Source: Screenrant, What Culture


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