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Earlier this year, Zack Snyder announced that he'd be taking a break from filmmaking after the tragic death of his daughter. He handed off Justice League directing duties to Joss Whedon, and with the exception of a few tweets throughout the past few months, the director has understandably kept a low profile, focusing on his family.

But good news if you're a fan, because it looks like he's slowly stepping back into the spotlight. The director took to Twitter to make an exciting announcement in early September: He's back to work with a brand new short film, Snow Steam Iron.

In the caption, the director gave some backstory for the project, explaining its independent roots:

"What can you do with your talented friends & family, no money and a weekend? ."

Fortunately, Snyder didn't keep us in the dark much longer after that exciting announcement, because he's now released our first teaser for the film. Check it out:

Snyder's signature visual style is instantly recognizable, which is quite impressive considering the low-budget roots of the short. Aside from the trailer and poster, we don't know much about the story. But judging from the blood and guns, along with the visuals, it's not far-fetched to assume this will be some sort of noir-inspired murder mystery.

Fans Have Shown Snyder An Overwhelming Amount Of Support

As mentioned, Snyder had been out of the spotlight for quite some time, so the tweet and trailer caused quite an uproar around his fandom. Overwhelmingly, people have been expressing their support and excitement for both the poster and the teaser:

The pain Snyder and his family are going through is unimaginable, so it's heartening to see him finding the strength to return to what he loves. Snyder made it clear that the project was an independent short film, so I'm looking forward to see what he can do by himself with a considerably smaller project when compared to his other blockbuster ventures. Going by this first teaser, it looks like something special.

While doesn't have a release date just yet, hopefully the director keeps his promise and releases it soon.

How do you feel about Zack Snyder returning to filmmaking? What do you think Snow Steam Iron will be about? Let me know in the comments!


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