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One of the pivotal characters in the DCEU's Wonder Woman is Captain Steve Trevor, the American spy who crash-lands onto Themyscira. His discovery kick-starts the events of Patty Jenkins' box office hit, but there was actually a time when the filmmakers behind Wonder Woman considered telling the story without Steve Trevor - despite being hugely important to Wonder Woman's history.

As revealed by producer Zack Snyder in an interview for the upcoming Wonder Woman: The Art and Making of The Film, the writers seriously toyed with the idea of telling Diana's story without the help of Steve.

Audiences unfamiliar with Wonder Woman's comic book lore might be asking why this is such a revelation, but it's important to note that Steve has almost always been a part of Diana's stories. His absence in any Wonder Woman story would be jarring to hardcore fans, and it's surprising to hear that this almost happened in Diana's first ever solo movie. Fortunately, Steve made his way into the script when the creative team finally realized his purpose as an audience avatar.

"Early on we talked about whether or not we would bring [Steve Trevor] into the story. Steve is so deep in the mythology that after some debate we found that just like Wonder Woman needs Steve, we needed Steve too. We need to be able to look at Wonder Woman through the eyes of the audience." - Zack Snyder

The Importance Of Steve Trevor In Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman:

In Wonder Woman, audiences learn about Themyscira and the culture of the Amazons through Steve's curiosity and questions. It was thanks to him that Diana learned about "Man's World" and what life was like outside of her homeland, emphasizing his importance as both a narrative tool and a supporting character.

'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Brothers]
'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Brothers]

Snyder then talked about Steve's importance in Wonder Woman that extends beyond him detailing exposition and being a romantic interest for Diana.

"It’s interesting that those eyes be Steve’s, in that he almost represents the status quo. He also has to be changed by Wonder Woman. He has to see the world through her eyes and then he had to become a hero in his own way, inspired by her."

One of the most satisfying aspects of Wonder Woman is the dynamic between Diana and Steve. Unlike what can be seen throughout most superhero movies, neither character constantly needed saving because they could both fight their way out of any situation. Together, they formed a great team that ended up saving the world from a prolonged World War I. Of course, it might have been interesting to see Wonder Woman take an unorthodox approach without using Steve as a love interest, but in this specific instance Trevor proved to be a necessary addition to the team.

Wonder Woman: The Art and Making of The Film is the official compilation of supplementary material for Wonder Woman. It will come loaded with interviews with cast and crew, concept art, behind-the-scenes pictures and much more. Expect it to be available in bookstores before the year ends.


How do you think Wonder Woman would have fared without Steve Trevor?


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