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We have all heard about the tragedy that forced Zack Snyder to drop out of his directorial duties on Justice League, but it hasn't stopped the brooding artist keeping a close eye on his team of heroes. As Joss Whedon takes over directorial duties to handle reshoots and post-production, the essence of Snyder is still very much flowing through the veins of the 's biggest venture yet.

While Snyder and co. are still holding back the resurrection of Superman as the worst kept secret in the history of cinema, the majority of the action seems to currently be resting on the broad shoulders of 's . Suiting up once more after his rumble with the Man of Steel, Wayne serves as the film's Tony Stark to bring our heroes together. So, with a new dawn and a new day for the Dark Knight, could our fearless flier be getting himself a snazzy new cape for the occasion?

Knighty Knight

Posting on his Vero account, shared a dark and atmospheric shot of the Caped Crusader, hanging out in his favorite of haunt — the shadows. While Snyder's image doesn't give too much away — other than what camera he snapped it with — the background shows some sort of urban design with metal cladding, so possibly some sort of warehouse or factory.

[Credit: Zack Snyder Vero]
[Credit: Zack Snyder Vero]

The jury is out on whether this picture is actually from or not, and some claim it is from Batman v Superman and looks nothing like the Watchmen-esque suit we saw in Justice League's trailer. However, with rumors that there will be multiple Batsuits in the movie — like there were in BvS — it could definitely be a closer look at Bruce's new wardrobe from later this year.

Secondly, even though Batman is cast in shadow, the suit looks like an almost perfect match for the recently spoiled Batman figurine from Justice League. Finally, although the costume is clearly from the Snyder era, it wouldn't really make sense for Snyder to post an old picture from Batman v Superman. With Justice League only months away, and Snyder known for drip-feeding us teasers, he is surely keeping the hype going.

Wherever this is from, we are certainly heading toward a sleeker design of the Batsuit than the rubber mask era of Michael Keaton from 1989. With a more "mature" Batman than previous incarnations, it looks like the Dark Knight's experience has led him to opt for a suit that will make traversing the Gotham skyline a little easier in his advancing years.

That being said, the internet did go into uproar when fans spotted some worrying similarities between Batman's JL suit and George Clooney's from Batman & Robin. With this latest image being so dark, it is even hard to tell if it is Affleck behind the cowl, but the impressive physique certainly suggests it is. While there's no sign of any new gadgets, some Nolan-esque sonar vision, or an updated utility belt, at least we have done away with those Schumacher nipples in favor of something a little more practical for the 21st century. As for the image, perhaps Snyder is just reminding us all that he is still here, just like his hero, lurking in the shadows!

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