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As Wonder Woman uses her Lasso of Truth to snare a slew of positive reviews and a strong grip over the box office, it looks like the DCEU can let out a welcome sigh of relief (for now). Director Patty Jenkins has brought us a faithful adaptation of the DC heroine for her first ever solo film, but alongside stellar performances from the likes of Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and Robin Wright, did anyone spot extraordinaire Zack Snyder hiding in plain sight?

A Woman's Work

Known for his work on Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the upcoming , Snyder's dark reimagining of the is a million miles away from Jenkins' golden glow of Wonder Woman. Clearly brushing up on what his co-workers get up to, Snyder snuck in a cheeky cameo right under our very noses.

[Credit: Zack Snyder Vero]
[Credit: Zack Snyder Vero]

Snyder appears as one of the Allied soldiers who helps Diana Prince liberate a Belgian village, and he posted a close-up snap to social media platform Vero of himself on set wearing his costume, alongside the caption, “In the trenches with Wonder Woman."

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Snyder had nabbed the low-key cameo earlier this year, but be honest, you probably wouldn't have spotted him if not for the social media reveal.

With the likes of Alfred Hitchcock, Peter Jackson and Quentin Tarantino all famously popping up in their own movies from time to time, Snyder was in good company as a director in disguise — and it wasn't his first time, either. In 2004's Dawn of the Dead, Snyder appeared as a White House soldier, while he also fought alongside Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Comedian in Vietnam during 2009's Watchmen. So given his Wonder Woman role, it looks like Snyder has something of a knack for playing a military man.

It may be small, but battling enemies in the trenches of WWI certainly beats Snyder's weird hand cameo in last year's Batman v Superman. The filmmaker's blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance is just one of many great Wonder Woman Easter Eggs, but it's hardly going to win him any acting awards. However, with Snyder appearing in the latest DCEU blockbuster, does this mean we should be looking out for in Justice League?

Justice League will hit cinemas on November 17. Check out the trailer below and tell us in the comments section if you spotted Snyder in Wonder Woman — and be honest!


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