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While out promoting his upcoming take on Supes, Man of Steel, director was met with a barrage of questions surrounding the Justice League Part One movie. Although he didn't confirm the status of the upcoming superhero flick, Snyder did mention that it's a little too early for Superman to be part of a DC team just yet.

Talking to Collider, hinting that Man of Steel doesn't set up Justice League and that Man of Steel 2 would have to happen first, Snyder announced that:

I feel like you need to get Superman a little further down the road before you can do a 'Justice League' movie.

I think Snyder brings up a valid point, they need to establish Superman as a franchise first...

The problem with planning Justice League for 2015 is that we'd be looking a bunch of solo outings first. We'd need a Wonder Woman movie, The Flash (Movie), Green Lantern (the first doesn't count in my eyes) and a Hawkman movie, amongst others; that's probably at least ten years from now which is too long for the studio to wait. But, if the studio goes ahead with Justice League it now it could seriously suck. Still, I'm liking the idea of a Man of Steel trilogy.

What would you like to see move forward, Justice League or more Man of Steel movies? Or will you withhold judgement until after Man of Steel's June 14th release?



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