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Undoubtedly, the release of Wonder Woman was a big victory for Warner Bros. As the fourth installment in DC's Extended Universe, the film received universal acclaim and went on to become this summer's biggest movie; turning the tide for a franchise that at one point, hadn't produced a critical success.

While serving as a standalone story, Wonder Woman never shied away from referencing what came before or setting up the future installments. However, it also contained another neat little Easter Egg — a cameo from Zack Snyder. Despite not actually directing Wonder Woman, the mastermind served as a producer, and cameoed as one of the soldiers who helps Diana save Belgian village, Veld, during the war.

After Snyder previously unveiled a close-up look at his mini role back in June, new set photos have emerged, giving us an even closer look at him in costume. Check them out below:

In the photos, Snyder can be seen in costume, chatting away to both director Patty Jenkins and Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot. However, the last photo actually shows him in character, performing his role on set.

Cameos Of Justice

Zack Snyder's appearance in Wonder Woman isn't the first time the director has appeared on film. In fact, he is renowned for making cameos in his own films. He first appeared in 2004's Dawn Of The Dead as a commando at the White House before cameoing in 2009's Watchmen as a commando in Vietnam.

Moreover, he also had an unseen cameo in , as cinematographer Larry Fong revealed that it was actually Snyder's hands holding Bruce Wayne's cell phone in the fight club scene.

Despite not actually directing Wonder Woman, it's pretty cool that Snyder managed to cameo in the film, and in such an important scene too. The small role is another in a growling list of appearances from the director, and it's really great to see. His enthusiasm to play even a small role in his epic films just prove that Snyder is a big fanboy at heart. And we love him all the more for it!

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