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Ryan Reynolds and Fox are hard at work on . The Merc with a Mouth's return to the big screen is expected to widen the X-Men universe, by setting up other films like X-Force, go deeper into the concept of time-travel with Cable, and give us a new side of the mercenary world with the chance-altering mutant, Domino.

For the latter, it's been quite a ride for us, fans. Numerous casting rumors have come out, including a shortlist of ten actresses, Kerry Washington being a contender, and most recently, Janelle Monae the rumored frontrunner for the part.

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

As he's essentially Deadpool in real life by this point aside from the jacked-up appearance, couldn't keep himself out of the announcement game. The actor took to Twitter to announce it in the most Ryan-Reynolds-y way possible:

The caption reads:

"Domino Effect."

In case you can't make out what's going on in the picture, the dominos spell "Zazie Beetz." So...

Who's Zazie Beetz?

Zazie Beetz in 'Atlanta' [Credit: FX]
Zazie Beetz in 'Atlanta' [Credit: FX]

Beetz hasn't been in the spotlight too long, but she is a seasoned theatre actress, having participated in community theater since she was a young girl. In larger projects, you might recognize her from different TV shows, such as her six-episode run in the breakout and critically-acclaimed as Vanessa, and her two-episode appearance in Netflix's Easy as Noelle.

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Something that catches my attention about this choice is how unknown Beetz is. Being an obscure character, (and therefore unknown to the majority of audiences), Domino needs to make an impact on people and click with them.

Casting a relative unknown helps fans avoid only seeing the celebrity on the screen, as opposed to the character they're portraying. So it's great to know both the actress and the character will be introduced to audiences together. is an incredible actress so I can't wait to see what she does with Domino.

Are you happy with the casting of Zazie Beetz as Domino? Let me know in the comments!


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