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Set for a June 2018 release, Deadpool 2 is firing up the chimichanga casting train. There's been a video of Josh Brolin getting ripped at the gym to play Cable, and T.J. Miller (Weasel) said he lost his mind after reading the script.

But it was the recent picture of Zazie Beetz as the mutant Domino that set the Internet ablaze. After the buzz of posting the image of our first look at , there's now a glimpse of Domino in action on the set of Deadpool 2:

You know who else is excited for Domino to unleash her powers of luck in Deadpool 2? The creator of Domino himself, Rob Liefeld. He couldn't be prouder of seeing another one of his creations hit the big screen. He wrote on Instagram:

"As with each and every one of my creations I am thrilled to see them brought to life. Very excited by @zaziebeetz and all the personality she will bring to this role. Been smiling all day!"

Rob Liefeld Loves The Domino Effect

Back in the 1990s, comic books were lighting up people's imaginations with new characters like Spawn, Youngblood, Wildcats and even himself. One of the top creators during this time was Rob Liefeld, the mastermind behind the Merc with the Mouth and Cable.

After seeing in her Domino costume, he couldn't be happier. Liefeld took to Instagram to talk about his excitement for the character and the sequel. He even gave fans a picture of his sketch of Domino back in 1991:

It has to be pretty cool to see one of your characters, let alone several, make it to the big screen. The Deadpool movies reflect what fans saw and loved in Liefeld's stories. Even if you didn't appreciate his drawing style — people still rant about his overuse of pouches, lack of feet, anatomy and proportions — you have to admit, just like us fans, he's a big comic geek. We have to give him mad props when shows his excitement over his characters turning into live-action movies:

What is most excited about is the diversity that is bringing to their movies and Netflix shows. Liefeld praised Fox and Marvel for casting so many actors of color, including Zazie Beetz:

Rob Liefeld probably couldn't have guessed how popular his characters would be when his imagination formed those little ink drawings decades ago. Deadpool helped to flip the superhero genre on its head, and Cable and Domino will do the same when Deadpool 2 hits theaters in June 2018.

Are you pumped to see Zazie Beetz as Domino in Deadpool 2?


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