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movie will swing into theaters in early July and while we already have a few trailers and footage, colorful posters, and Tom Holland being Tom Holland, there is still one question fans of the webhead are wondering: Is secretly playing Mary Jane Watson?

After this past weekend’s MTV Movie & TV Awards, while speaking with MTV News, reassured the world that she is indeed not playing MJ:

My character is 100 percent Michelle.

Okay, so, we know she's playing Michelle, but that still leaves questions unanswered.

Who Is Michelle And How Will She Fit Into The Movie?

'Spider-Man: Homecoming' [Credit: Sony, Marvel Studios]
'Spider-Man: Homecoming' [Credit: Sony, Marvel Studios]

It was rumored that the name of "Michelle" was a front to hide her actual role in Homecoming. Many fans speculated that she is in fact playing Spider-Man's longtime love, Mary Jane Watson. While director commented on the rumor and shot it down some time ago, the actress herself is now saying the same:

I promise you I'm not lying.

Based on the trailers it looks to be that Michelle is an original character for the movie. While that could possibly be true, fans are suggesting that she is playing Michele Gonzalez, who in the comics also formed a semi-romantic relationship with . Another possibility is that she'll be playing MJ, just with a different name. After all, we've seen how Jacob Batalon's Homecoming character is essentially Earth-1610's Ganke with Ned Leeds' name.

We'll have to wait till Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters July 7 to finally discover who Michelle truly is.

Who do you think Michelle is in Spider-Man: Homecoming? Let me know in the comments below!

[Source: MTV News]


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