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Guardians of the Galaxy, being the first space movie in the , is full of surprises and references to the cosmic side of the universe. While fans have been agile in finding most of these Easter Eggs, there's been one last big, elusive one that has yet to be found. Director has been talking about it for two years, most recently throwing out this bet to his fans:

"If there is no Easter egg I will give you a hundred thousand dollars – copy this post – I will consider it a legally binding contract – signed, James Gunn."

Even though the first teaser trailer for the sequel has already been released, we're all still trying to find that last from the first movie. Now, after rewatching the movie an unbelievable amount of times, pausing every three seconds and annoying everyone watching it with me, I think I have finally found it — and it's one I have noticed many times before but never realized it was a reference until now.

Early on in the movie, after steals the Orb from Morag, he goes to an individual known as the Broker to sell it. The alien works in a room full of objects in glass cases — consider him a high-end intergalactic pawnbroker — and one of these contains a very important artifact in the Marvel Universe. Check out this image and pay attention to what's in the case closest to Peter Quill:

That right there is an ankh. To the ancient Egyptians, it was a symbol that meant "life." In the Marvel Universe, it's slightly different. In the comics, there exists an item called the Zodiac Key — and I believe that's what is sitting in that case.

A little backstory on the artifact to give you an idea of how important it is: A being called the In-Betweener, from the Ankh Dimension, created the Brotherhood of the Ankh to balance the sides of Lord Chaos and Master Order. To have something to help them maintain the delicate balance between those opposing forces, the Brotherhood carved an object in the shape of an ankh with stone from their world and called it the Zodiac Key.

The Zodiac Key
The Zodiac Key

Soon after its creation, it was sent to Earth to continue serving its purpose, where the struggle between good and evil was more intense than in the Ankh Dimension (and that dimension thrived in conflict, so think about how messed-up they thought we were).

But the Zodiac Key (fueled by the mystical energy of our planet's stars' alignment) is sentient, manipulating its user to fit the desires of its creators. It also grants an array of abilities to its wielder: It can teleport them (including an entire city) and shoot powerful blasts that leave even dizzy (as you can see in the image above).

A few comic book characters have wielded this powerful weapon, such as Jacob Fury (Nick Fury's brother) and the leader of the Zodiac Gang, Scorpio. The Zodiac Key was prominently featured during early issues of the recent All-New, All-Different Spider-Man by Dan Slott, so if you can, read the storyline. It's a fun ride and gives you a clearer picture of what the Ankh can do.

Given the fact that there is still one last Infinity Stone left to find (if they decide to go with all six of them), could it be found in the Zodiac Key? It's a possibility, though it doesn't seem realistic. It's more likely that this is a tease to the Ankh Dimension and a few of the beings within it, particularly as just kicked down the door in terms of introducing the concept of alternate dimensions into the MCU.

There you have it, that's another from the basket that keeps on giving, also known as Guardians of the Galaxy. Could this be the final one no one has found yet? Given its relevance in the Marvel Universe, I'm fairly confident that it is in fact another big piece of the ever-growing puzzle that is the MCU, and I'm hoping it's the missing piece we've all been trying to find for more than two years now.

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Do you think this is the final Easter Egg? What do you think about the Zodiac Key being out there in the MCU?


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