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Star of ' Star Trek Into Darkness, has loved science-fiction movies ever since she was a child and balks at the suggestion that a lot of women don't feel the same.

Speaking in a recent interview with the Daily Mail, the actress announced that:

I grew up with a mum who's a sci-fi buff and I've read Dune [by Frank Herbert] three times. When I was 13 I dressed up as Lady Jessica [a character in Dune] for Halloween.

I'm pretty sure you would need to read Dune much more than three times to even start to get a grip on it, but its still cool to know that Zoe didn't just pick up the genre for a career in acting. The Avatar thesp also revealed that she finds it hard to believe that there are people who don't like sci-fi:

Star Trek may be set in space, but it's about people. Yes, there's fantastic action and big set pieces, but at the heart it's great storytelling. Why wouldn't women dig that?

I dig it. But I don't see anything wrong with those who don't. Why should a woman who likes Star Trek have to justify her interests? Still, well said Zoe, I like your pazazz!

Star Trek Into Darkness hits theaters this week on May 17th. Will you be checking it out?


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