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With the advent of smartphones, it already seems as though half of the world have suddenly become zombies, ambling around glued to screens and bumping into those around them. But now thanks to the latest batch of emojis we can take our step into the world of The Walking Dead even further.

69 brand new emojis will soon be added to the emoji keyboard, including a t-rex, a breastfeeding woman, a giraffe and a pie. However, there's also a supernatural theme to many of this year's newcomers with wizards, fairies, vampires, mermaids, elves, genies and yes, zombies, also being added to the mix:

[Credit: Emojipedia]
[Credit: Emojipedia]

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The inclusion of the male and female zombies is sure to make any text or online conversations about The Walking Dead more fun that it already was, even despite the fact that the green-tinged zombies of the emoji update don't quite look like the walkers of The Walking Dead universe.

These brand new emojis were decided on after a public vote, and will be making their way onto our handsets in June, which means they'll be there during Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 and also in time for the Season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead which will likely screen in October.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 15 on March 26


What's your current go-to emoji to symbolize The Walking Dead?

Source: Emojipedia


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