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Amazon Studios is at work on a pilot episode of Zombieland, based on the 2009 movie, and according to Deadline, two of the show's lead characters have now been cast.

If you caught the movie, you know that it centers on four humans trying to eke out an existence during a zombie apocalypse: the 'nerdy handsome' narrator Columbus is on a mission to find his family in Ohio along with a man named Tallahassee and two sisters, Wichita and Little Rock.

Played by in the movie, the role of Columbus has gone to (left), who made a name for himself at Sundance as the star of a dark comedy called Milkshake.

The scrappy Little Rock, played by on the big screen, has gone to (below).

Neither of the actors announced for the roles are well known. This isn't surprising in the case of Vidovic, who is as young as Breslin was when she played Little Rock. She has a decent number of television and TV-movie roles under her belt, but that's about it, so it's unknown whether she'll bring the same combination of wry snark and honest whimsy as Breslin did to the role.

Ross is somewhat younger than the slacker twenty-something played by Eisenberg in Zombieland, but definitely looks the part of movie's gawky protagonist. He's also been in a limited number of releases, including small roles in NCIS and Boss.

I adored the movie (apart from the WTF amusement park ending!) and was hoping a television series would come of it instead of a half-baked sequel. Plus, this recent bit of casting news leaves me with high hopes. However, recasting Woody? Good luck, sirs.

What do you think about Zombieland as a television series?


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