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After already being hauled into court for failing to pay commissions (of 10 percent) after the sale of her entertainment website Hello Giggles, actress has now filed a complaint herself. The New Girl star claims that her partner from Seven Summits, Sarah Jackson, barged into her dressing room with two strangers while she was in a state of undress. Apparently, the employee of her former management company did this on purpose.

Deschanel claims this occurred while she was on tour with her band She & Him, stating to the Los Angeles Superior Court that:

"Jackson brought the two strangers in the dressing room to help further [the manager's] career and to potentially generate revenue for [the firm]."

And it doesn't end there. Zooey is also arguing that Seven Summits tried to exploit her personal relationship with Creative Artists Agency to get a meeting with another client they were trying to encourage to work with them. However, when the client – who remains unnamed – decided not to sign with them, Seven Summits tried to get Deschanel to switch from CAA to United Talent Agencies even though:

"[Seven Summits] knew CAA and the agents representing [Deschanel] were (at the time) the agency and agents most well-suited for [her] entertainment career and that changing to UTA was not in [her] best professional interests."

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However, according to the attorney representing Seven Summits, this is all a ploy by Zooey Deschanel to delay paying the original commissions. Kenneth Freundlich has stated:

"This is just another attempt by Ms. Deschanel to muddy the waters and not to pay the commissions owed. We intend to vigorously litigate against this cross-complaint."

If you're confused, you're not the only one. This industry beef seems very complicated indeed – let's just hope that it gets sorted soon so everyone can sleep soundly this Christmas.

What do you think about this Zooey Deschanel mess?

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)


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