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Dani Carnage

First of all, let me say that I am yet to see Evil dead. It is not released here in the UK for another week, so I can only remain neutral as to its content and on the fact of it being good or terrible.

I have been noticing more and more on message boards that people are saying that horror is dead. There was an increase in people saying this over the weekend when the remake/rehash of The Evil Dead was released. I personally had no idea that the entire horror genre rested on the shoulders of Evil Dead.

Of course, there are always going to be people who dislike a movie. That is perfectly normal. But, and here's the thing, why criticize the remake of The Evil Dead for many things the original film is also guilty of? Things such as a poorly written script, or undeveloped characters. The original Evil Dead suffered from both of these things, yet the same people I see slating the new movie love the original.

Were these people expecting something different? I'm sure many fans of the original The Evil Dead absolutely love the new movie. Let's put it this way, you certainly know what you are going to get going to see one of these movies.

I just wish people could be more constructively critical instead of writing every other new horror movie that comes out as 'shit'. I want to know the reasoning behind why you think that. If you say poor characterization, or poor script, many horror fans can overlook these things if the story is kinetic, the scares are frequent and the action regular. That doesn't mean we stand for these things in every movie we see, but sometimes, movies go beyond the acting, or the script, to produce something truly amazing.The original The Evil Dead being a primary example of this.

Now, for people to say that the horror genre is dead, just because they don't like a certain film. What do these people have to back up their statement? The mainstream horror industry is slow, because the fad of found footage movies has worn itself out, just like the slasher movie did when John Carpenters Halloween sprang from the underground, or in the 90's when Scream was released. Again, Hollywood began making slasher movies, oversaturating the market with cheap immitations. Then in the 00's, the torture genre came alive with the release of Saw in 2004, Hollywood followed and milked the genre dry. Then, with the fairly recent release of Paranormal Activity, Hollywood smelt another money making machine, and lept on the bandwagon of making found footage movies.

This goes to show that horror doesn't ever die. It moves back into the underground, until someone makes a movie that is unlike no other, and Hollywood jumps on and attempts and make money by rehashing the same plot and scares over and over again.

Anyone who proclaims the horror genre is dead, obviously doesn't pay very much attention to the genre, as the underground is blooming with some amazing talent.

What these people need to remember most of all though, is that their views are subjective. They are their own thoughts. It doesn't mean we are all going to nod our heads in agreement because they proclaim something to be bad.

Horror is very much alive, and until the next time Hollywood takes hold and milks a movie for all that it's worth, it will continue to thrive underground, with filmmakers creating increasingly sick and depraved movies that Hollywood wouldn't dare touch.

Let me also make this clear. I have no problems with remakes. These movies should be judged on their own merits, and they can in no way alter the way the original movies are seen. Once a classic, always a classic.

Maybe it's the fact that the new Evil Dead movie is 'fun'. Alot of reviews I have read say this much about it, and I for one think that is something that has been missing from the horror genre for a long time, and it is going to be nice to see some fun injected back into the genre.

If horror really is dead, then someone needs to tell the many horror filmmakers, because they will keep on creating and releasing movies, whether the naysayers like it or not.


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