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John Hopper

So it has been a long 7 years since the hero in blue and red saved the world from sinister forces. To me, Superman Returns was the final chapter in the Superman Saga. It had bits from the old, an original plot, close to the comics, had 'Supes Son' and Kevin Spacey's performance as Lex Luthor was amazing. But the world was not ready for Superman at that time. Sure a reboot/remake of it was good but it didn't have the thrive nor the push to exceed as an ongoing film franchise. Even then, most Superhero movies were pushed a side.....until now.

The year is 2013 and now we are seeing Superhero movies come out in threes every year. The directors have the vision and time to create these heroes into something extraordinary. Sure they are different and unique from the originals but they create a new world for future superhero movies to come. This is the same for Superman. Alongside Batman and The Avengers, Superman is the world's most famous superhero. His villains, his story and his powers have captured the very hearts of the people.

With Trailer #3 of Man of Steel showing the brilliant performances of Henry Cavill, Russel Crowe and Michael Shannon, this reboot Superman movie is the one we have been waiting for. Yes it looks different, yes the characters are darker and appear to be like Batman, but it gives a whole new take to the cape crusader. With the film being brilliantly written by Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer, and the film score being composed by Hans Zimmer; who has kept some original notes and feeling of the original, Man of Steel is definitively going to become the next DC Hero Trilogy that will continue to spark life in DC Comic movies and create darker heroes we finally have been waiting for (a.k.a Justice League 2015)

It's new, it's dark, it's scary, but if done right, we finally have a winner on our hands. Marvel has it's epic action and characters. DC has it's dark mysterious characters.

Mark my words- Man of Steel is the one! Have a little faith and wait. It's going to happen!!!

Man of Steel finally hits cinemas 14 June 2013. Are you ready?


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