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It has been a few months since humanity received the news of another Star Wars trilogy in the works. Some people have strongly disagreed with this bold new step, however I for one look forward to a new perspective and vision director J.J Abrams has for it.

So what is this new update huh? Well it's not a major update but it is an update on the release for all three films plus information on the spin offs. Disney confirmed this at CinemaCon and this is what the article says from Variety:

"Six months after stunning Hollywood with its $4.05 billion LucasFilm acquisition, Disney announced that it plans to release the next three “Star Wars” films in 2015, 2017 and 2019.

Disney Studios chief Alan Horn made the revelation on Wednesday at the studio’s CinemaCon presentation after touting LuscasFilm as “perfect for the family imprimatur” of Disney.

Disney disclosed last October that it would open “Star Wars: Episode VII” in 2015 and Horn said Wednesday that it would be a summer release, followed by the next two alternating every other year. He also said that Disney and LucasFilm are working on other films related to “Star Wars” characters but did not elaborate as to when they would be released.

“We expect to have movies derived from that universe,” Horn said.

J.J. Abrams will direct “Star Wars: Episode VII” from a script by Michael Arndt. Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kimburg are working on scripts for the “Star Wars” spinoff films.

George Lucas’ first six “Star Wars” films grossed $4.4 billion globally and billions more from TV shows, videogames, theme park rides and merchandise."

So there you have it. It's not major news but it's a slow step in the production of new Star Wars films. Episode VII will release Summer 2015, followed by VIII and IX alternative years (2017 and 2019) with spin off movies most likely coming out in between the episodes (Marvel influence here).

Episode VII will make way for a brand new franchise of films, games, toys and cartoons as Star Wars takes a new step into the future. The question the force strong enough?

Episode VII of Star Wars hits cinemas Summer of 2015. Are you ready to venture into the galaxy from far far away?

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