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John Hopper

So Iron Man 3. I will try to make it spoiler free but please forgive me if something slips out. This is a warning though, don't say I didn't tell you so.

What can I say about this film? Simply Incredible. Just go watch it. I cannot stress that enough. The plot/story is brilliantly written and thought out. Great script- comical yet dark. The characters are interesting and two -faced. Notable- Guy Pearce and Ben Kingsley Film Score is surprisingly amazing. Go Listen to it. It definitely is the theme for Iron Man from now on. Action sequences are non stop. The action kicks off from the start and doesn't end. They combined both elements of Iron Man and Iron Man 2. The ending is worthy of the film. Well written and planned out perfectly. Kind of leads you into thinking "is this end?" or "what happens now?" or "Hurry up Avengers 2!!!!!"

Overall Iron Man 3 will surprise you, will give you references to the Marvel Universe, will leave you laughing and will leave you satisfied. Iron Man 3 has truly set the bar for the Phase 2 films coming out this year and next. It sets the tone and pace for what will be the most amazing phase yet.

Better than Iron Man 2 and just as amazing if not better than Iron Man. Go and watch it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good work Marvel. One down, 3 more to go!


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