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Ben Kubota

Absolutely Anything is lingering in pre-production for quite a while now, even though the cast of former Monty Python members (excluding Eric Idle, as well as Robin Williams, are standing by to begin filming. There is little news on why filming didn't start - it was originally planned to begin in Spring. Let's hope the project will continue in the near future. The last we heard about it was Mike Medavoy (producer) to praise the project:

Terry [Jones] and Gavin [Scott] have crafted a classic farce something I feel I know a little bit about after all the Pink Panther pictures we did with Blake Edwards at United Artists. In fact, the movie even has a pompous Frenchman reminiscent of Inspector Clouseau but there the similarity ends. Like all projects originated by any of the Monty Python guys, Absolutely Anything delightfully defies a logline.


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