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Man of Steel is expected to green light future DC films, as the online buzz is soaring to great levels. It currently boasts 690,850 fans on Facebook as of May 28. While that not be record breaking (compared to Iron Man 3's 13 million) its still a respectable level for a character absent from the silver screen for years.

Starting with Man of Steel, DC is going to try to have a gigantic tug-of-war battle with Marvel. And, if Man of Steel earns over $300 million in the States, the battle will begin.

Other than the Dark Knight Trilogy, DC doesn't have an amazing track record like Marvel does. I mean, the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe, split up into phases) holds The Avengers (over $623 million in the states), The Sam Raimi Spider Man Trilogy (over $1.1 billion in the States alone combined) and Iron Man 3, which, as of May 27, is at $372.7 million in the States and counting, under it's belt.

Meanwhile, the most impressive DC has is The Dark Knight Trilogy, which boasts over $1.1 billion in The States combined. Other than that, they haven't hit anything out the park like Marvel has.

Past Superman Movies have done solid numbers, but not great numbers.

Here they are*

*not adjusting for inflation*

Superman (1978)- $134 million

Superman II (1981)- $108 million

Superman III- (1983) $59 million

Superman IV: The Quest For Peace (1987)- $15 million (OUCH!)

Superman Returns (2006)- $200 million (on a $270 million budget)

With all of Man of Steel's online buzz, the sky is the limit for this one. It will obviously top Superman Returns. Or maybe not. After Earth has 1.1 million fans on Facebook, over 400,000 more than Man of Steel, which is a large difference.

But let's say this...there is a chance Man of Steel could flop. There are many advertisements out there today, and there have been many positive reactions from DC fan boys, but there are general audiences out there who have never picked up a comic book in their life.

Look at The Avengers. The advertisements show-cased the "Head Count" clip. Adding on to that, it also showed some impressive visuals. Even the most oblivious viewers had a sense of who everyone was. But Man of Steel's advertisements focus on Superman and his image. While many are very excited for Zack Snyder's take on the superhero, oblivious viewers who declared they were done with the franchise after Superman Returns (a financial and critical disappointment ), it's going to be hard to reel those types of audiences back in for another Superman movie. I mean many remember it as an awful Superman film, and that it was. But it's so bad it cannot be forgotten, a bad memory.

It was an insult to the icon of Superman, superhero films and of course...Brandon Routh's career. And maybe the entire world of film itself. An idiotic embarrasement that many are reminded of when they think of a "bad superhero" film.

But, it could be relatively easy, because, he's of the most beloved and popular superheroes of all time.

The trailers have had extremely positive reaction online, which is a great sign.

It's also doing extremely well on Flixster, having a 97 percent Want To See rating out of over 79,000 voters. That is clearly outpacing similar films like Captain America: The First Avenger, which had less voters THE DAY BEFORE IT WAS RELEASED.

And if it does flop, it would be sending DC (except Batman, which is already scheduled for a damn reboot) films back into the darkness, cancelling Justice Leauge and other solo films. I think Marvel has won tug-of-war for 2013, but I still think Man of Steel has a chance of being one of the biggest films of the Summer. And I also think Justice Leauge seems like a sure thing for Summer 2015, going head to head with The Avengers 2 (which will be the real tug-of-war battle). If the film flops, DC is going to rush out a Batman reboot as soon as they can.

After thinking, I think it will not flop, because of Warner Bros., Christopher Nolan's producing credit, the dark tone, the visual style, and Superman himself.

My prediction:

$310 million in the States and $785 million worldwide

Will Superman fail to catch on with general audiences? Will it top Iron Man 3? Will it flop? One billion worldwide? Sound off in the comments below!


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