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John Hopper

With less than a week to go until Man of Steel finally hits cinemas, a lot of clips and trailers have been released which makes us more excited but at the same time makes us wonder if it's too much.

Anyway, a day or so ago (depending when you read this), the folks over at movieclipsTRAILERS (Youtube name) or better known as MovieClips have created a scary yet almost real video about General Zod literally invading Earth. It is hard to explain it, but just watch below

This is exceptional. Almost like a side film to Man of Steel mixed with Cloverfield. Very clever, very awesome.

As well as this, an actual clip from Man of Steel, shows Supes and General Zod having a mini fight. This particular clip raises a lot of questions like : "What is the deal with the helmets?" "Is the Kryptonite even going to be a part of this universe?" "Is this scene in the beginning, middle or end?"

All questions are good, but it makes us more itching to find out what the answers are!!!

So in summary, Man of Steel cannot come soon enough! IT IS ALMOST HERE!!!!! With less than a week to go, how excited are you to see the Superman movie that the world has been waiting for?

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