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Lucia Valeria Fischer

After hearing an incredible amount of hype on this particular series, I decided to do a little bit of research. Reading the plot and summary, I was slightly put off by the premise, thinking that this storyline was like one amongst many. A kid with undeniable passion, and then a sudden twist of having to "face his inner demon".

However, the hype became too big to ignore, and I decided to give it a look.

Never before has my judgement been so off.

I went in thinking I'd be bored. Being a fan of series' such as Ghost in the Shell and Jigoku Shojou, you'd need to come up with something either really messed up, or out of this world to impress me. The surprising thing was, despite it being on the same level as most anime storylines, it's the character development that's got you hooked. Think Naruto, without the fillers, plus 600 episodes shorter (a bit darker too).

So far it's currently on its 10th episode, and I'm already hooked, itching for the 11th this Saturday.

Again, I must excuse myself. I haven't, and don't intend to, read the manga. Despite it running since 2009 and creating quite a fan base for itself, I've made the terrible decision to stick to the anime alone.

In total, I think Shingeki no Kyojin hits the perfect middle mark between 'too much' and 'too little'. That places it just half a notch under Full Metal Alchemist, depending on the possible twists it might deliver in the episodes to come.

A bit brutal at some points, but I fully recommend it.

Let me know what you think.


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