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Life for Marvel post Avengers has been pretty much easy breezy living. They carefully orchestrated their self-named ‘Marvel Phase-One’ to include six stand-alone movies, leading to the mother of all superhero movies. A mash-up of Demi-Gods, Master Assassins, a Super-Soldier, a self-proclaimed Genius-Billionaire-Playboy-Philanthropist and a Hulk. Or as you may know it, ‘The Avengers’. (Or Avengers Assemble depending on your region)

Joss Whedon is the genius that took on the shipload that was writing and directing this massive, never-before-done movie and no-one, not even the grumpiest person on the planet, can deny that The Avengers was a critical and commercial success. But behind Marvel’s glittering success lies an opponent. An opponent who as of tomorrow (June 14th) will kick start their plan to KICK SOME VILLAIN BUTT IN AN OVERPRICED MOVIE WITH COOL SPECIAL EFFECTS AND AN ASSEMBLE CAST OF AMAZING ACTORS. And open a whole new can of worms...or superhero’s.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then allow me to remove the rock from above your head that you call home, and enlighten you on what you’ve been missing. Tomorrow marks the day that DC hit back at Marvel (indirectly) with the first in their planned Superman Reboot.

MAN OF FREAKING STEEL! (Without the ‘freaking’)

Clearly I’m excited for this, and that’s not because it’s Superman and I LOVE Superman it’s because I’m interested to see the route that DC will choose in comparison to the route that Marvel has chosen. In my opinion, we’ve needed a Superman Reboot for YEARS and the fact that it’s arrived and that fans will be able to see it tomorrow fills me with unquestionable joy and anticipation. Superman is one of DC‘s most recognised superhero’s, so I for one am very interested to see what kinds of audiences they bring in and how successful both critically and commercially it will be. There will undoubtedly be a load of happy men trailing to the cinema, with their girlfriend’s on their arms, thinking they’ve finally gotten her to like something worthwhile, only to realise that the main reason she’s there is because Henry Cavill is undeniably hot...and British. (Don’t worry he’s American in the film)

But the hotness of Mr Cavill aside, Man of Steel is set to be the big one for DC and the predecessor to their planned Justice League movie. Unlike Marvel, it’s clear that DC aren’t planning on making a bunch of stand-alone movies before Justice League and having been rushed to start production on Man of Steel by the end of 2011, it does seem to me that they are rushing into things slightly. Having said that, the attention around superhero’s and superhero movies has never been bigger, so perhaps they’re making the right decision after all.

Do you think DC needs to take things slower and follow in Marvel’s footsteps? Or trample all over Marvel’s footsteps and make bigger and better ones?


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