ByKillian Demiurgos, writer at
Killian Demiurgos

Ever since the last episode of Season 2 we've all just been here patiently waiting for Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman's schedules to clear up, and for Season 3 to get on its way to us.

The amazing duo have created quite a name for themselves as of late with Benedict doing the amazing performance of 'Khan' in Star Trek: Into the Darkness, as well as Freeman bringing everyones epic story back to life as Bilbo Baggins.

Bellow is the art of Alice X. Zhang, and illustrator, painter, and designer, that recognises the brilliance of these two actors, as well as the series that started it all.

You can find more of her artwork here, and even buy a few prints! She seems to have a taste for television and film related pieces.

Not a bad subject for her art in my opinion.

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