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Lucia Valeria Fischer

I haven't had the chance to watch Niseimonogatari, or the OVA, but I have seen Bakemonogatari, and that was enough to get me looking forward to Monogatari Series Second Season.

Summers coming, and with that new seasons! The moment I spotted Monogatari, it made me realize that I should probably catch up on those episodes I never saw.

What I gathered with Bakemonogatari so far is that this anime is one of a kind. Revolving around Japanese superstition and folklore, the only other anime I could slightly compare this too (and I mean it in the smallest amount possible), is XxxHolic.

The art direction is brilliant, the dialogue is smart, its explanations of those supernatural (though not mind blowing), are in-depth, and putting the perversion in some clips aside, it's a thought provoking watch.

I wouldn't say it reaches the levels of Ghost in the Shell in genius, but what it lacks in that aspect, it makes up with its simplicity (despite having such a complex concept). The characters, as well as the series in itself, is riddled with countless contradictions. From scenes as sweet as Pride and Prejudice, to clips of undeniable brutality.

Watching this series sort of makes you feel like you've just willingly (and with enthusiasm) started a 6 hour relationship with a bi-polar woman.

Probably the cherry on top of this series is its approach towards the whole aspect of a love story. Though the series never makes it its whole focus, it somehow does (again with its contradictions). Lets just say, it's not your typical version of boy meets girl, but its quite a beautiful mix.

So putting everything together, the unique art, the interesting story line and the love story that's, well, different, it would be nice to see how it all has evolved on July 6, 2013.

Look out for Monogatari Series Second Season, and in the mean time, catch up with the other episodes.

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