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Gabe Gomez

So the metal men huh?

Well in case you were unaware of who they are, they are a team created by Doctor Magnus to stop a radioactive winged monster. The team consists of six metals (later it's seven, but lets start with six first).

The team each have their own distinctive and own personalities, as does their metals they are created from. Gold, the leader of the group can stretch his form into practically anything with an infinite amount of elasticity. Iron, the strong man of the group. Lead, incapable of being harmed by radiation due to the fact he can transform into a thick and hefty shield to protect him and/or others. Mercury, the hot headed guy in the group who can melt anything and/or himself. Platinum, adding the lady ingredient to this man filled group, she can spin, stretch, and flatten into any kind of filament. And finally, Tin, the self-consiouis yet brave guy who can protect his teammates by covering them and he can also be smashed and moulded into any which way, but sadly thinks hes not good enough for the metal filled super team.

Later on the team takes on another and more sarcastic girl, Copper. But coming back to the topic at hand the metal men have associations with the Justice league but I dont think they are quite big enough to actually make it into that movie. Their own movie, however, could be a fun and adventurous film that I beleive not alot of people would understand, but would enjoy it, with the help of their enemies the Gas Gang.

Well this is a very ambitious and totally out there idea. Though some how it's possible. What do you think?


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