ByGabe Gomez, writer at
Gabe Gomez

Ms. Marvel can be connected to so many other super human characters such as the X-Men (mainly Rogue), Fantastic Four (due to the fact she is Kree), and of course The Avengers.

Now I am wondering how Rogue will be in X-Men: Days of Future Past because, well, in the future she has super human strength and flight caused by a lengthy time of sucking Ms. Marvel dry of her powers and putting her into a coma.

So this leaves me with this wondering question: Will all this valuable info be in the new X-Men movie or is Rogue gonna just be her plain old self? I'm assuming Marvel won't go that deep into the story, because then they would have to incorporate that Mystique had told rogue to continue holding on to Ms. Marvel, and I don't think they'll want to do that. So that leaves me with another question: If her movie gets made and beloved by fans, then would the sequel consist of the Fantastic Four?

I mean, it is a long shot of course, but her Kree DNA is still raging through her body and isn't the Kree the ones who are bound to fight the Fantastic Four? Am I over thinking this? What do you think about Ms. Marvel and all her possibilities of cross overs?


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