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I'm a writer, film director, and movie nerd working on a film project called "Out of the Trees".
Dylan Tuccillo

For some reason identical twins have always fascinated me. I wrote my whole feature film around the idea of a pair of twins and I'm obsessed with images of doubles. But what is it about twins that's so interesting?

I'm not alone here. Identical twins have popped up in countless movies. Everyone was creeped out by those girls at the end of the long hallway of the Overlook Hotel...

Those twins from the Matrix Reloaded were downright weird. They looked like albino Rastafarians out of a P. Diddy music video, who just happened to have the ability to turn into ghost demons. I didn't understand them, but I did like them.

A lot of celebrities have been duplicated thanks to movie magic. Leo Dicaprio, Nick Cage, Edward Norton, and Jeremy Irons have all acted opposite... themselves. These films gave the actors a chance to experiment and go in bizarre directions. I especially enjoyed Moon, where Sam Rockwell acted as four different Sam Rockwells.

Robert Rodgrieuz featured his own nieces as a pair of badass gunslinging twins in Planet Terror and his upcoming Machete Kills.

Like I said, I've always been obsessed with the images of twins and enjoyed them in films. But I've never seen real-life twins playing the leads in a movie. As you can see, they're usually the butt of a joke or an element of creepyness. That's one of the reasons I wrote Out of the Trees, a thriller/suspense movie I've been working on for a couple of years, which is about a pair of twins and their mysterious, secretive father. I wanted to do something new with twins, to make them more complex and interesting than the characters I'd seen before. I figured I could only pull this feat off if I found the right sisters...

I started casting for the twins over a year ago. I auditioned over a dozen pairs across the country and doubt filtered in. Would I ever find the right women to play these challenging roles? These were two bizarre, complex characters so these sisters had to be good. Then I found Ashley and Kimberly Carvalho. Hazzah! Here were two engaging, talented actresses. Below is a sixty second interview—we talked about the film and what it's like being a twin in the movie world.

For more information, check out our Kickstarter project where we're raising funds to make the film.


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