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These villains are the baddest at what they do. They have sneaked they're way into our lives as people, immersing themselves into our pop culture, and for some people, into our dreams (hint, hint) . And now, I present... The Top Ten Most Iconic Villains of All Time! (echo, echo)


At number ten, we have the weird Dr. Evil. Being inspired by Ernst Stavro Blofield from James Bond, this power hungry villain has earned his spot on the list.

Most Villainous Gesture

: Pinky finger held up to his lips



At number nine we have one of the most memorable characters of 'The Wizard of Oz'. The Wicked Witch of The West has earned her spot on the list of The Top Ten Most Iconic Villains of All Time!

Most Memorable Quote:

" I'm melting... I'm melting!"



At number eight, we have one of the most popular horror villains of all time. Dr. Hannibal "the Cannibal" Lecter first appeared as a minor but important character in Harris's novel Red Dragon. Then in the next book, he became the main character. He deserves a spot on the list of Iconic Villains, right? Come on, he ate people.

Most Memorable Quote




At number seven, we have Harry Potter's greatest enemy, Lord Voldemort. He has earned his spot among the great villains by going toe-to-toe with the baddest wizard of 'em all! Word of advice to Voldemort, tell your parents to give you your nose back. They took the "Gotcha Nose" thing too far.

Most Memorable Facial Feature

: Missing Nose



The Green Goblin has sealed his spot on the list of Iconic Villains by mentally breaking down and beating Spider-Man at one point. You have to be at the top of your game to do that.

Most Memorable Item

: The Pumpkin Grenades



Hunting you in your dreams, comes Freddy Krueger, one of the baddest and iconic horror movie villains of all time. Unless you want to stay alive, don't go to sleep when he's around.

Most Memorable Item

: His Claw Glove



Coming in at number 4, we have the face of the horror industry, Jason Voorhees. He is most famous for his hockey/ski mask.

Most Memorable Item/Facial Feature

: The Hockey/Ski mask



Rolling in at number 3, we have Hans Gruber. The man... he's just a really bad guy. Who the heck uses a terrorist attack to cover-up a theft operation? Hans Gruber!

Most Memorable Facial Feature

: That Scowl (Oh My Gosh He is a really bad guy)



Coming in at number two is this force choking baddie'. Born Anakin Skywalker and trained in the Way of The Jedi, he turned to the dark side only to slice off his son's hand. Way to go Vader! Way to Go!

Most Memorable Gesture

: The Hard Breath and Force Choke



Swooping in at number one, we have the most infamous baddie' in the business. The Joker has beaten down The Dark Night on multiple occasions physically and mentally.

Most Memorable Attribute

: The Glasglow Smile/Chelsea Grin

Well, there you have it folks! Be sure to provide feedback and let me know in the comments if I missed a villain. Also, tell me who is your favorite out of the ten!



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