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The way the last episode ended they made us believe that the opening of this ep would be action orientated and they didn't mislead us! I truly am impressed with the amount action we've gotten so far. The fact that TNT is willing to toss down some bucks for pretty decent explosions and much improved C.G.I over last season really says they're backing this show. The second the 2MV (I gota come up with a better name than that for the team up) took out the Beamers (the Espheni air fighters) I felt a sense of what I think is happiness. The look on the lieutenants face when she saw those Beamers go BOOM was great. It was as if she just saw her first 10 incher. In all seriousness I do hope they do more with her character.

I get wanting to talk face to face with the President to try and form a bond but going to their turf when just a day or so before hand he had his army try and take you out just seems like such a bad idea. What makes it worse is that the President is played by Stephen Collins of 7th Heaven fame. While I think the actor is good I just think he's trying to get away form his “wholesome” act that he's more or less known for. Maybe I'm just looking to much into things and I'm to jaded with all the shows I watch and have seen over the years. Tom and the President sitting down and talking in the hanger struck more than a passing similarity to an episode of The Walking Dead from last season if you ask me;it is that that makes me wonder about the honestly of the President.

You know,this whole ep to me seem to be a homage to other sci-fi/fantasy shows;the above mentioned chat session,you also have the subplot that involves Ann and the baby and you also have one scene that I LOVED. I don't know if it's because it was genuinely good or if it just reminds me so much of another show. The scene where Hal is talking to himself in the mirror but it's his other side that's talking to us. This reminds me so much of B5(one of the greatest Sci-Fi shows ever),where Londo was forced into taking a Darkh Keeper and that Keeper would take control of him from time to time. The similarities are to much to just sweep under a rug. So, to Hal,I give you this advice – get drunk, it worked for Londo for a while. Hell or just keep boning Maggie. I know which I would pick.

We finally find out why the Volm are fighting the Espheni and my jaw dropped over it....A FREAKING FLOWER! Actually over what the flower means. The idea that one day the Volm will be able to see the sands of their home plant.

I can't get over how suspect the President is,more so after him hearing what Cochese said about why they are at war. The President walks up to Tom and tells him he thinks that he just made it to round two. I think Tom suspects something is up as well. The look on his face was not that of trust.

The title for this is ep is At All Costs and it lives up to it more than this review will make you think it does. Everyone seems to be doing things that need to get done for the betterment of their alliance/group/self and no cost is to great. This ep showcases great writing,good effects and the same all around acting that we're use to it. So far this is my favorite episode of the season.

Other things:

-Anyone besides me think that just maybe the President is working with the Espheni?

-That's what Maggie sounds like after Happy Adult Fun Time? I want to know what she sounds like during it!

-I really liked the moment Danni and Ben had.

-The “Bubble-Head” looks more like a fish head than the Espheni do.

-Matt Frewer's delivery of “It looks like we're walking from here!” drew up flasbacks of Max Headroom.

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