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This is my second article I am writing on Moviepilot and something caught my attention that I had to write about. When is Marvel going to bring the Masters of Evil into the movies? Back in the Incredible Hulk, we saw the first of the sinister Masters of Evil (The abomination). Marvel needs to bring these villains into the movies or the 3rd Avengers Movie. I put together a thought out list of actors/actresses on who should play such parts. Enjoy!!

First off we need to Begin with the Figurehead leader:

Baron Zemo: Ralph Fiennes

I choose Ralph Fiennes to be the perfect actor to play him. He has a sinister voice to him. He did a great job at Voldemort in the Harry Potter Series as well as a good job as Hades in Clash/Revenge of the Titans. Now I know what a lot of you are going to say, "He's too old!" If it really comes down to age then they should have him voice Zemo, when I hear Zemo talk in my head I think of Ralph Fiennes, he's perfect in my mind.

Enchantress: Gabriella Wilde

I'm finally giving the fans what they want, younger actress. Looking at the picture you can already see a resemblance. Since she is younger she could do more roles, one starting with a Thor 3 movie. She's going to be in the new Carrie movie this fall, she looks the seductive part for the Enchantress, bring her in! and we cant forget her Executioner!

The Executioner: The Rock

This was a tough decision because he looks the part but so does Vin Diesel. In the cartoon The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Executioner was one for few words. If Marvel is wiling to pay the Rock for just swinging an Axe and fighting, I say so be it. He's jacked enough and can easily look the part. (Same with Vin Diesel) Comment below who you think should be Executioner.

The Abomination: Tim Roth

This one should stay as is. I personally felt Tim Roth did a great job in the Incredible Hulk Movie. I wasn't too keen on how he looked though. I think they need to revamp Abomination to make him look more like the comics. Also yes he's in his 50s, but as the Abomination he can just do the motion tracking like Mark Ruffalo did for the Hulk in Avengers, or Tim can just voice him. Easy enough. Write below which look you think does justice for the Abomination.

Now if we bring in some of the other Masters of Evil we would bring in Crimson Dynamo, the Living Laser, Chemistro, and Gray Gargoyle. I only put together two of the four because I want to hear who you think should play the parts.

Living Laser- Drew Fuller

Now Drew has played roles in the past with the supernatural, one being the hit tv show Charmed. He can be serious, angry, or funny. The Living Laser could be a small Masters of Evil role but still important. Drew is my choice whether its a small role or a bigger one.

Chemistro: Lee Thompson Young

Lee Thompson Young should play Chemistro. He isn't too old, and if you remember seeing him kick butt on the Famous Jett Jackson as a kid you know he could play the part of the sarcastic and somewhat wise cracking Chemistro.

Now depending what you have read or seen could be made an arguement for Wonderman to be on the Masters of Evil or on the Avengers. Here's both reasons to your answers.

Jon Bernthal- Wonderman

Jon would be perfect for Simon Williams, aka Wonderman. He kicked butt on the Walking Dead and showed an attitude and resentment for Rick. From the cartoon, Simon lost his company to Stark (not knowing Stark was trying to save his company). This resulted with him going to his brother (aka Grim Reaper) to get revenge over Stark. He went into a machine that turned him into Wonderman (although he was the first person it worked on). He only joined the Masters of Evil due to the Enchantress keeping him alive with her magic (the misunderstood hero/villain). Another view could be him fighting along side the Avengers to stop Hydra (who stole his research) and his brother (The Grim Reaper) from trying to take over the world. Both ways could be interesting for Simon Williams.

Who do you think should play Gray Gargoyle and Crimson Dynamo?

Leave your comments in the space below. Whether you agree, disagree, or have your own recommendations for my casting or other castings I want to hear them! Thanks All!! Looking forward to writing more soon!

Old/New Abomination better? Wonderman hero or villain? Who to play Crimson Dynamo and Gray Gargoyle? Would the Masters of Evil be good villains for Avengers 3? Do you agree with these choices?


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