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Quick recap for the TV adaptation of Stephen King's novel UNDER THE DOME. So far I'm beginning to lean towards a 'Thumbs Down'! To be fair, I never read the book, nor did I know much about the plot besides what was advertised, so I have no reference regarding the source material. It did start out somewhat interesting. Steak anyone?

But unfortunately they killed the only person I was happy to see again in the whole movie STRAIGHT AWAY (Mr Lawnmower man himself!). :( Since then it's been a bit of a downhill spiral as far as quality goes. And I'm not just talking about the obvious production mistakes like this:

C'mon that truck is clearly over the line where the dome's supposed to be! Even if I want to be nice and ignore certain things, what one can't ignore is how bad some of the actors (ESPECIALLY the extras) were. Normally they have no more value in a scene than a couch, but in this case a couch could've had more personality than some of those people. I know they make like 50 bucks a day and it is a TV show, but they still could've done a better job.

On a positive note they still throw in an occasional image for entertainment value that I enjoyed seeing :)

re: plot... Look I'm no Einstein myself, but wouldn't your first instinct be to see if you can dig a tunnel underneath the stupid thing? I used to live in San Diego and people would dig mile long holes from Tijuana under the border all the time! Also, how come no-one is freaking out? You mean this is normal in a small town? Where are the religious freaks with the end of the world crap? I mean wouldn't you call at least a town meeting?! No, everyone is just going on their business as usual. No media outside the dome either? I'd think, having something like this happen would be up there with the Roswell incident, wouldn't you agree?! As far as the people stuck inside, they should be taking inventory off all the livestock, food, fuel, (your gas station won't run forever!) medical supplies, water etc...! After all you are under a dome with limited supplies including AIR!

I guess I should watch a few more episodes. At this point It looks like it can go either way...

So far my verdict is: Being a mini series the network probably will play all the episodes, but this thing has slimmer chance for a second season than Kim Kardashian trying to fit into a size zero dress!

P.S for those of you that like to have all the answers after seeing that fire- here is some INFO, or more like a 'guesstimate' based on what I learned about the dome.


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