ByRashard Javon Smith, writer at
Rashard Javon Smith

Monsters University was No.1 again for the second straight week with $46.2 million; The Heat racked up $40 million coming in second place. You would think White House Down would come in third but World War Z with $29.8 million beat them out leaving White House Down to take fourth place with $25.7 million.

The reason I believe that White House Down will not have the best rating because that fact is- no one is going to see it. We already had Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down seem like a simple remake of that movie, but who doesn't want Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx in a action packed movie? Well with this movie coming out so close to Olympus Has Fallen (which hasn't came out on DVD yet) who would want to? This movie was run into the ground before it even came out.

The whole "someone hacking or attacking the government/going after the president" is being played out in 2013. You would think the movie audience would be tired of it by now. If White House Down came out in 2014 it would of been No.1. I have not seen this movie yet and have no intention of seeing it. I will be getting it on dvd though, to add to my movie collection.


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