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Robbie Herr

It's time to face the unfortunate truth: Superhero movies are here to stay, even if they produce some absolutely appalling ones. With the superhero madness spreading, so many people think that it'd be awesome to live in a superhero universe, as if they are going to be a hero, or even meet one at that, but do they ever really think about the serious consequences of being there?

Why cities like Gotham and Metropolis can't produce small-time villains interested in grabbing old ladies' purses is beyond me. Instead, what they get are villains like Magneto, The Joker, Loki, Green Goblin, and a profusion of others who are on the sole mission of destroying everything. The comic books and movies fail to show how many innocent bystanders would actually be murdered by their horrid crimes. Remember that scene in The Dark Knight where The Joker gets the helicopter "racked up" in metal wires?

Although it may be night, what about night workers and people who live in those buildings? They just got mutilated by helicopter blades. Where's the splattered blood and severed limbs flying around? I would imagine it being pretty hard to keep a PG-13 rating with severed limbs, but at least address this issue for viewers concerned about the civilians’ safety.

Villains are infamous for causing obscene amounts of damage to cities, like ridiculous amounts. In pretty much every movie a major building explodes, or multiple, and there are explosions and general destruction all over the city.

In Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises, the whole point of the movie is to destroy the city, so the damages are justifiable. And I understand that accidents do happen, like Doctor Octopus destroying that building in Spiderman 2 with his giant fireball thing, but that's beside the point. It seems that villains like to take the most destructive path possible to reach their ultimate goal.

Sometimes it's not even the villains that cause the damage, but the very heroes that are trying to save the city. Batman blows up so many cars that it actually gets a little excessive and pointless at times. Oh, and let’s not forget the end of The Dark Knight Rises when he blows up damn near half of that building. I guess when you are in a city of over-the-top criminals, over-the-top tactics must be taken in order to stop them, but to what cost? Millions and millions of dollars.

Or let's vandalize a bridge for the hell of it.

This is all fun and games when you’re watching the destruction at home, so why would you even want to risk living in a world of superheroes when there is such a great (well, greater than in your current life) chance of dying by explosions, stray gunfire, falling buildings, lasers and whatever else is associated with fighting crime. Unlike in the movies, there is a slim chance that you will be saved along with the thousands, if not millions, of other civilians also in dire situations. So why even take the chance?

And can we talk about high taxes?


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