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This review's format is going to be different, I've been busy and don't have time to do a normal review. Sorry for how late it is.

-The show opens up with the crashed plane and only Tom and Pope have survived.

-Dr.Kadar tells on Ann to Weaver and the person who I think is the spy along with the rest of the Falling Skies gang.

-Love how Weaver tells Perlata that she doesn't understand why searching for Ann and her creepy child is important.

-The look for the Beamers reminds me of a butterfly. I hope they come in different colors.

-Tom really should listen to Pope when it comes to running and hiding. If Pope didn't stop Tom, they both would have been caught when they got out of the plane.

-Weaver's daughter points out that Ms.Perlata likes him and he seemed so oblivious. It was cute.

-The chick who plays Weavers daughter has lovely eyes.

-Maybe it's because I haven't been a kid in ages but I thought Matt's reaction to the dead body was out of character, when you recall that just an ep or two ago he told Ann off in the way only a kid can.

-I'm with Hal, they shouldn't bury the body for the safety of the group. They did say the blood was fresh and that to me says be on the look out.

-We get the obligatory back story of the two “trapped” characters,in this case it was Tom and Pope.

-When Matt took out the dead persons bracket I thought he was going to steal it. It hadn't occurred to me he was going to take it back to the tree of life.

-I don't know why but I did not like how everyone projected their own mothers' image onto her (the lady they buried).

-Matt's fears of dying alone shows just how fast the kids of the 2nd Mass have to grow up. That whole scene was sweet and sad at the same time.

-So we find out why Pope is the way he is (manslaughter). It makes him more human.

-Tom came face to face with aliens but a snake takes him out of character?

-Pope is many things but honorless is not one of them. I know why Tom was calling him honorless but again I think that was out of character.

-I like to believe that Pope came back for Tom for reasons other than killing some skidders, you know, like HONOR.

-All in all this wasn't a bad ep, it expanded on Pope's history,showed his character and had some action.

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