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When I started working on a fake US Magazine article featuring The Avengers back in March of this year, it was a way for me to procrastinate. A way to facilitate my inherent inability to focus on something I should be working on, that by far and away takes precedence over a fan project. And while I did eventually finish that week's job, that first magazine spread had been such a blast to put together, that it spurned its own blog: MediAvengers.

Now, it's some months later, and a few weeks after the blog went somewhat viral, I'm in the unique position to post here on Moviepilot, to give my perspective on the project.

What is MediAvengers? Well you may have seen some images floating around the internet recently, that contain pictures of our favourite MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) characters and actors, that are presented in such a way as to appear like a real magazine or newspaper.

All characters that appear in the MCU are fair game, and I'm right here with my tablet pen and Photoshop, creating everything from trashy tabloid parodies, right through to more serious articles and covers that consider the societal implications of the existence of superheroes.

While MediAvengers is certainly my own interpretation of the MCU, there is more than a cursory attempt to adhere to the existing canon. You won't see any of the X-Men, Fantastic Four, or Spider-Man characters here! At least, not unless there's a change to the current rights agreements. Dates lose their relevance as time goes on in the MCU, rather like the sliding time scale in the comics, so rather than spending hours pondering when things would have happened, I instead pick out existing issues of magazines that have headlines that are relevent, amusing, or otherwise juxtapose interestingly with the main story.

For instance, the issue that this cover of New York Magazine is replacing, featured an alternate history article, based on the outcome of Al Gore winning the race for the US presidency.

As well as these covers, MediAvengers also features a few longer articles. The NY Mag cover above comes with an accompanying feature, there's a short piece on Bruce's DNA (complete with bad movie science), and some incredibly speculative tabloid pieces that I had an absolute blast writing.

You can follow MediAvengers on tumblr, but we also have a facebook page, if tumblr isn't really your scene.


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