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Well, where does one even begin with this future (Ahem) 'instant classic'? Sharknado is of course the 'highly' anticipated TV-Movie coming to the SyFy channel on July 11 2013. Starring Tara Reid of Days of our Lives Fame (pun intended) and Ian Ziering of Beverly Hills, 90210 fame. There is not much point mentioning the rest of the cast since even Google couldn't find them. Besides John Heard who i guess just needed a paycheck... Nothing wrong with that!

The plot

When a freak hurricane swamps Los Angeles, thousands of sharks terrorize the waterlogged populace. And when the high-speed winds form tornadoes in the desert, nature’s deadliest killer rules water, land, and air. (i just can't help to laugh every time i read the last line)

So there you have it! Sounds like It is Twister meets Jaws meets Battle Los Angeles.

I read an article about the director explaining the 'Joy' of Sharknado: "The concept is so delightfully absurd, and so direct about it, that the movie already has a legion of online fans..." He probably refers to the FB page with all of its 3,300 fans which is indeed substantial considering just how retarded the idea sounds.

I got interrupted while writing this (let's call it my latest rant), and when i read it i ended up deleting the rest of it. I was getting too mean going after the crew and stars even like comparing Tara Reid tummy problem to a shark bite (which would've been a low blow even from me)

But then I realized that:

A. This is just a TV movie made for the SyFy channel and

B. None of the people involved took themselves or the project too seriously (I hope). I guess nowadays we all get spoiled by big budget Hollywood films with their multimillion dollar CGI FX's, so when something like this film comes along, we are already up in arms just waiting to see how horrible it is going to be. We have to remind ourselves that not every movie is going to have Oscar worthy performances that will be discussed for years to come Inside the Actor’s Studio... We all grew up on silly B movies that was meant to be nothing more than brainless entertainment and who knows, Sharknado might just makes us realize that we miss that!

So for once I will try to have an open mind and who knows might just enjoy it at the end. If 'They' can make us ignore Sponge Bob and Patrick having a bonfire under water, i guess it can't possibly be much more brainless than that...

Here is the trailer for ya:


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